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The Truth Behind Calorie Labels (by caseyneistat)

Text 11 Jan 152 notes Misdirection, Doublespeak, Non-Answers, And Straight Up Bad Decisions


God bless Danny Sullivan. You should read his latest post tonight in which he tries to squeeze some information — any information — out of Google chairman Eric Schmidt about today’s rather disastrous deep Google+ integration into Google Search. Unfortunately, all he gets are bursts of hot air. 

Schmidt tells him that Google would be happy to talk with Twitter and Facebook about integration into the new Search+ features. So why didn’t they do that before, you know, they rolled the feature out? Well, never you mind that. Schmidt refuses to say one way or another if they did or didn’t. “I’m not going to talk about specifics.”

My understanding is that they didn’t. But perhaps more telling is the fact that they didn’t have to.

Both Twitter and Facebook have data that is available to the public. It’s data that Google crawls. It’s data that Google even has some social context for thanks to older Google Profile features, as Sullivan points out.

It’s not all the data inside the walls of Twitter and Facebook — hence the need for firehose deals. But the data Google can get is more than enough for many of the high level features of Search+ — like the “People and Places” box, for example. 

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Link 27 Dec 44 notes Eric Bidelman: Introducing filer.js»


Some 1300+ lines of code, 106 tests, and a year after I first started it, I’m happy to officially unleash filer.js (; a wrapper library for the HTML5 Filesystem API.

Unlike other libraries [1, 2], filer.js takes a different approach and incorporates…

Link 19 Dec 18 notes myNoSQL: Attacking NoSQL and Node.js: Server-Side JavaScript Injection (SSJS)»


Jeff Darcy has written a while back about the (lack of) security in NoSQL database. Unfortunately things haven’t changed much and if you check the NoSQL + Node.js applications I’ve posted lately you’ll notice that some of them are completely ignoring security.

And there are some people…

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Link 15 Dec 17 notes Marc Ghorayeb: MongoDB schema definitions in Li3»


So, while building my awesome project with the awesome php framework that is Lithium, schema definitions were quite a headache. Mostly because there wasn’t much documentation around and that every example I looked at were handling things differently… Hence some digging around into best practices…

Link 7 Dec 22 notes Cat Son Kieu Tran: Compiling phpredis on Zend Server CE/OSX Lion»


  1. Download phpredis source code from
    git clone git://
  2. By default, compiling PHP extension on OSX Lion will generate a 64bit binary. However, Zend Server CE only support PHP 32bit. Therefore, I must compile phpredis in 32bit…
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